Justin Bieber Reveals, He Had a Desire To Get a Virgin To Marry Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber reveals, he had a desire to get married to Hailey Baldwin virgin | Instagram

Singer Justin Bieber returns to controversy again after confessing his regret after his wedding to model Hailey Baldwin, he broke a promise he had made to himself, he said

The music star has not only become a controversial subject that occupies various headlines for his music, his way of dressing, suspicions of his health crises, but also his love life has captured the consistent interest of the media.


His relationship with singer Selena Gomez, who was one of the public’s favorites, keeps them in the media eye despite the fact that each one has taken different directions, now the artist confesses “he made bad decisions”.

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For his part, the actor, after several years of having a stormy romance with the Texan singer, ended up marrying well-known model Hailey Baldwin.

The interpreter of “Yummi” and his wife, the model, are a few months away from celebrating their second wedding anniversary, however a recent confession by the artist cast some doubts about their marriage.

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It should be reiterated that the artist is very much in love with his wife, recently he has been honest about the actions he committed in the past and of which he claims to repent.

He also talked about the impact Hailey Baldwin has had on his life, they currently share more time together during the quarantine and they even made a series of how their days have been during the confinement.

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The couple joined their fans through a broadcast of their live program via Facebook called ‘The Biebers’ where they also answered some questions and exchanged anecdotes with their fans.

From there, the singer took the opportunity to open his heart more to his followers and said “he was sorry for several things and even somewhat confused by an early stage in which he pointed out, he made wrong decisions”.

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Particularly a phrase that made clear all his love for Hailey Baldwin and touched the fans of the couple and is that he added that he would have loved that the model had been the first woman of his life in all aspects, due to her religious beliefs , the singer had the desire to “come pure / virgin to marriage”.

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For her part, Hailey revealed that she always had the idea that perhaps at some point they would resume their relationship and that despite the discussions, she always felt that her problems were solved thanks to the trust she placed in her husband.