Justin Remembers The Exact Moment He Knew Hailey Was The Woman Of His Life

The singer shared what triggered that he wanted to spend the rest of his days with the model.

Even if Justin Bieber He is only 25 years old, has had a very accelerated life, which resulted in a deep depression and severe drug addiction, in addition to numerous scandals around his sentimental life, one of his best-known relationships was with Selena Gomez, same that still gives what to talk about.


However, little by little the Canadian singer has conquered the peace and calm that he now enjoys, last October, after maintaining an intermittent relationship with Selena Gomez, from 2010 to 2017, Bieber the ‘yes I want’ with the model Hailey Baldwin, in an intimate ceremony with his family and his closest friends.

But before achieving this spiritual (and sentimental) peace, Bieber He went through really difficult times, which clearly affected his previous courtships.

“In my previous relationship, everything was spoiled and I went crazy and very wild; I was very reckless. This time, I took the time to mature and try to make the right decisions. And yes, the truth is that I felt better, ”he explained in the podcast of Zane Lowe, alluding to his difficult relationship with Gomez


Because of the above, Bieber wanted to be very honest with Baldwin At the moment they began their relationship, the singer told Baldwin that he was not willing to compromise. “I told him that I was not prepared to be faithful and all that. I wanted to be, but I hadn’t reached that point yet, ”Bieber acknowledged.

Logically Baldwin He put some distance from the singer and the relationship cooled a few days before a Bieber tour, however, days later a scene completely changed the perspective of the performer on the engagement.

Everything changed when he saw the model at an event cradling a baby. “I thought. ‘I want the mother of my children looked at our baby that way…’ I thought it was very special and I thought: “I want that.” I knew you could give it to me. A couple of months later, I asked him. And after dating as a couple for a few months we got married, ”he said.