Justino And María Urgently Need Medical Attention

Sinaloa.- For thirteen years, the marriage of Justino Rodríguez and María de Jesús Juárez Zepeda has faced various adversities, including degenerative diseases, having to deal with hope and the lack of immediate medical attention.

Justin said that he first started with the loss of sight of one eye, which was treated through the IMSS and private sector; However, within months, his wife began with severe epileptic seizures, which prevented her from continuing her work.

Over the years, the health of both has worsened, Maria is under psychiatric treatments and waiting for the delivery of the results of a study to determine if she suffers from stomach cancer following a tumor that came out months ago .


While his partner is losing visibility in his other eye, a situation that worries him because he is the one who in days of crisis helps him to transfer her to the hospital or to do the procedures of his appointments and clinical analysis.


Justin, having the disability in his sight, managed to have his pension from the moment he was diagnosed with the disease; however, the amount of 2,400 pesos he receives each month is insufficient for the cost of food, electricity, water and cover the studies of his 16-year-old daughter, who is in high school and who they hope to support until she finishes Your professional studies.

That is why they have fought for the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) to grant the pension that corresponds to María de Jesús, but it has been denied, so they filed a lawsuit before the Court of Administrative Justice to be made the Soon payment of your pension, taking into account the updates of the minimum wage that has been made since 2013 that requested your pension. “They gave us the demand, but in the legal area of ​​the IMSS they don't want to comply with it,” said Justino, who desperately asks the federal agency to expedite the process so that his wife can receive this benefit that corresponds to him by right, having worked for more than 20 years.


With the income they receive it is not enough for Maria de Jesus to have a healthy and balanced diet, which is recommended by doctors, especially for the tumor that was detected in the stomach, so they have registered in pantry support programs where they are given beans, lentils, rice and tuna, but this is not enough, since María de Jesús requires fruits, vegetables and proteins, and not eating enough, the 50-year-old woman Age, in a span of six months, he has managed to lose twenty kilograms, and his health gradually worsens and his life is in danger.