Kamala Harris Bursts Out Laughing At a Joke About Donald Trump, But The Video Breaks Records For a Detail In Her Stockings

Kamala Harris bursts out laughing at a joke about Donald Trump, but the video breaks records for a detail in her stockings – LA NACION ADVERTISING DOWNLOAD THE SITE ADVERTISING DOWNLOAD THE SITE The vice president-elect of the United States burst into laughter when her niece made her a reference to the impeachment of Donald Trump Credit: Capture TikTok

A TikTok video of Kamala Harris went viral for her humorous reference to Donald Trump and the impeachment to which the outgoing president will be subjected.

Although it was not the only reason why the sequence obtained almost 16 million reproductions: the stockings that the elected vice president of the United States wore gave something to talk about.


Kamala Harris stockings include a detail that shocked her followers 00:24

In the clip, who will take over as Senate incumbent on January 20 can be seen bursting into laughter when his niece hands him a packet of candy and calls him “Im-peach-mints” (peach mints). Harris’ laugh is produced by the phonetic similarity with the word “impeachment”, which means impeachment process in Spanish and is known as impeachment in Argentina.

But, in addition, users of the popular video platform highlighted the socks of Joe Biden’s running mate. And not necessarily because he wasn’t wearing his shoes, but because of the inscription on his socks. “The future is feminine”, reads the phrase that aroused many compliments among Internet users.


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