Kamala Harris vows to be a voice for Latino business in the White House

Kamala Harris Vows To Be a Voice For Latino Business In The White House

Tucson – Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said on Saturday that Latino businesses, especially those led by women, need to have a “voice” in the White House, and asked for their support in the face of the elections in November.

“We are creating a strong coalition to win Arizona and it will require the work of all together, to achieve this goal and above all we are asking for the support of small businesses, which we know are the foundation of the economy,” Harris said in a virtual forum with Hispanic businessmen and women.

“Their businesses represent not just their work, but who they are and their communities,” he added.


The senator promised that in the event that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reaches the White House, her administration will provide $ 100 billion in low-interest loans for small businesses.

He also pledged to fight for health insurance accessible to all and that covers pre-existing conditions, especially now with so many people who fell ill with COVID-19 and who, after recovering, still have sequelae.

He ensured that a Biden administration would focus on the “people of the community.”

Sandra Otero, owner of the “Los Jarritos” restaurant in Tucson, was one of the participants in the forum and said that based on hard work and a lot of sacrifice in the last 40 years her family has managed to establish itself, for which the trust of the community Latina has been key.

The same testimony was given by Vanessa Cazarez, a Phoenix businesswoman who has an events business, which has been closed for the last six months due to the pandemic. “In Arizona, you need leadership that helps Latino businesses,” he said.

In Arizona alone, Latina women’s businesses account for more than 50% of all Latino startups in the state.

Harris’s forum takes place days before President Trump visits Phoenix, where on Monday he will lead the “Latinos for Trump” event to boost the vote of this community in Arizona, a key state in the November elections.



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