Kanye West And Eminem, The Face And Cross Of Donald Trump

While it has been known that the CIA investigated rapper Eminen for alleged “threatening” letters to President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka, African-American preacher Jamal Bryant has rejected a donation from also rapper Kanye West for his support. American president And that despite the fact that Kim Kardashian's husband shows himself as a devout and reborn Christian on his latest album, Jesus is King
. Two facts that show again not only that Eminem and West are day and night, but also in rap, ethnic stereotypes are … stereotypes.

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Eminem's real name (47), has not ceased in the last three years of criticizing the racist and classist policies of the Republican president. He attacked him mercilessly in
        Campaign speech
(campaign speech), before the White House arrived, and once appointed president, he rapped: "Let us recognize the work of Obama / Because we now have a kamikaze in the office / That will probably cause a nuclear holocaust." Eminem's arsenal against Trump reached its zenith with
and the subject
         Framed, in which Donald Duck calls him, for Donald Duck. He also refers to Ivanka, the oldest of the president's daughters, as "stupid little blonde girl" and talks about putting her in the trunk of the car.

Kanye West, during a performance
(Chris Pizzello / AP)


“Inappropriate” comments

The CIA interrogated Eminem to find out if his song ‘Framed’ was a “threat” to Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka

It has now been known that the CIA investigated Eminem for this record after "a concerned citizen" reported "inappropriate" comments. The citizen in question turned out to be a journalist from the TMZ portal, who was seeking comments from the secret service about the song. "I want to know if your agency is investigating Eminem for his threatening letters about the first daughter Ivanka Trump," he wrote in an email to the agency. And the CIA decided to interrogate the rapper in January 2018.

Part of the letter that the CIA decided to investigate said: “Donald Duck is on, there is a Tonka truck in the yard / But dog, how the hell … what does Ivanka Trump do in the trunk of my car? … I feel somewhat responsible for the silly little blonde / Girl, that unruly cane that was thrown into the pond / Second murder without remembering it. ”


Eminem was not arrested or prosecuted. And on his last album, which he released in August, he dedicates the song to this interrogation
         The ringer
: "Agent Orange has just sent the secret service / To see me in person and see if I really want to hurt him / Or ask if I have links with terrorists / I told them:‘ Only when it comes to ink and lyricists. "

In front of the Detroit rapper, a white performer in a genre overwhelmingly dominated by African Americans, Kanye West (42), meanwhile, literally says that he "loves" Trump and that they share "the energy of the dragon." On his visit to the White House, in a long soliloquy that even managed to silence Trump, he came to say: “I am married to a family in which there is not much masculine energy (…) There is something about this cap (the red cap of the Make America great again) that makes me feel like Superman. ” Days later he said he was leaving politics because he felt "used."

Donald Trump and Kanye West at the Trump Tower in Manhattan in 2016
(Andrew Kelly / Reuters)

However, last January, he wrote on Twitter: "People can't tell me what to do because I'm black." Then he stopped publishing, until a few days ago he woke up to promote Jesus is King.


Undoubtedly, West is well advised on social media issues, not in vain is he married to the greatest influencer in the world, Kim Kardashian, but he shares a huge ego with Trump and each of his publications causes a media tsunami.

Religious topics

Kanye West declares himself “addicted to porn” but during the recording of his latest album, ‘Jesus is King’, he asked his collaborators to fast and not have sex outside of marriage

Now West thinks more about God than Trump. He organizes masses in which he officiates as a musical pastor and publishes a religious album without any bad words, or just sexual references and has explained that he asked his collaborators during the recording that, to focus on work, they fasted and refrained from having sex outside the marriage. Still he declares himself "addicted to porn."

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, receives the American rapper Kanye West during a meeting at the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington, on October 11, 2018
(Michael Reynolds / EFE)

The president has not yet spoken on this new work of Eminem, but his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, has done so, who calls West pioneer and says: “Jesus is King is the archetype of brave creativity (.. .). Leftists always try to silence those who tell the truth. They are waging a war against our family and culture. ” Kanye West's desire to occupy the White House in the near future has not commented …



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