Karina Gidi, When Talent Without Scandals Makes It Difficult To ‘survive Acting’

Concentrated in theater and cinema, Karina Gidi has become a leading actress of quality projects in film, television and theater and a talent that has earned her recognition as the Ariel Award.

This week, the actress appeared in the series of interviews ‘Surviving acting according to …’, a project organized by the Youth Commission of the National Association of Actors (ANDA) focused on performing arts students share doubts with panelists guests.

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Anoche se me cumplió un sueño. Gracias a la Academia por este regalo. Me siento muy orgullosa de pertenecer a la comunidad cinematográfica de este país. Y muy contenta de recibir este Ariel por mi trabajo en #LosAdioses, por un personaje que amé tanto y con una directora tan chingona y rifada. Fue además una alegría mayor porque estaban ahí mi preciosa hija Sofía, y mi amor Cuceb Piloto para celebrar conmigo. Gracias a toda la gente que se puso feliz por mi, gracias por su generosidad y su infinita buena onda. #Ariel60 Styling @josepe_luis Vestido @halston Accesorios @felinajewelry By @mondrestore Complementos @gvgranvia

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The actress recently confessed that hers is a poorly understood and difficult profession, and spoke of the less glamorous side of the business, the era of digital platforms and the changes that this new format has brought and the obstacles that exist despite the transformation that has undergone the entertainment industry in recent years.

A difficult job Karina made it clear that engaging in acting is not always as glamorous as some may imagine, explaining that for every actress who manages to live a superstar life, there are hundreds who have that “make the accounts to make ends meet.” This, says Gidi, means that it is often necessary to accept projects simply to have some economic stability.

“It is a difficult job,” said the Veracruzan during a recent interview with Notimex, adding that she believes that “at this time, consuming fiction or art, it is a luxury item and not a necessity ”.

Lucía Méndez returned and is as current as 30 years ago, although it is true that digital platforms “uprooted the duopoly” and have opened the doors to a world full of content possibilities, these new opportunities do not always come with an increase of salary for its actors.

“They armed their own revolution, reviewed its contents and forms of production,” says the original Xalapa. “And we have a great offer, but we are not winning better, there is only a lot of work.”

The actress also shared her opinion on the role that social networks have begun to play in castings, a problem that they have also Spoken colleagues like Ernesto Laguardia and Ana Serradilla.

“Now social networks are a sideboard of your presence,” Gidi said during the interview, adding that she knows that “some castings decide on the number of followers you have on Twitter.”

Surviving the performance o Surviving the performance according to… ’is an initiative in which actors and actresses are interviewed live, promoting a“ exchange between diverse generations ”and that seeks to guide new generations about what acting life is like.

The project of C. Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez premiered in February 2019 and had Jesús Ochoa as his first guest. “It’s nice to talk about acting with people who have the same passion and it was a very nice experience exchange,” said Gidi

During an interview in which she also expressed that the most difficult part to survive in the middle has been to find a balance between her professional and personal life. “It is a very uneven and uncertain career.

And the hardest part is being able to combine your family and professional life, raising my daughters and work, that’s the main challenge. ”You may also be interested: Lucero also wanted her own challenge, but it wasn’t as she expected Karina Gidi, talent first and foremost The Mexican actress has appeared in films such as ‘Abel’, ‘Depositaries’, ‘Manuela Jankovic’s War’ and ‘Los adioses’, for which she won the Ariel award as best actress in 2018.

Her career in The theater includes more than 25 works among which ‘Festen’ and the acclaimed ‘Fires’ directed by Hugo Arrevillaga stand out.In television, the actress has appeared series such as ‘Capadocia’, ‘Yago’ and ‘Falco’, the winning Mexican series of an International Emmy award in the category “Best non-English prime time program.”

Her future plans include a Amazon series that will be released soon and the staging ‘The Ugly’, accompanied by Reynaldo Rossano, Artús Chávez and Sergio Bonilla at the Hellenic Theater. In addition, she plans to work on her own music.