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Karla Panini Mocked At Karla Luna’s Cancer Show

Karla Panini mocked at the Karla Luna cancer show | Instagram

Through a video a few years ago, he shows one of the “Las Lavanderas” shows in which Karla Panini’s constant and cruel mockery of the cancer Karla Luna had faced is shown.

The images in the recording show that the “comare guera” as she was called Karla Panini mocked with “extreme cruelty” of her then supposed “friend” Karla Luna.

It is worth mentioning that the late “comare morena” faced a tough battle against the relentless illness that finally took her life. The cancer she fought against was victorious on two occasions, but after the third time, her recovery was impossible.

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Karlita Luna, as many remember her, no longer had a womb due to the cancer she suffered the first time in 2012, and it was the theme that Karla Panini used to humiliate her in shows.

My poor comadre, I do not want anyone to judge me, nobody mistreats her because she no longer has a womb … although she is useless as she wants, she is a woman, Panini points out in his comments

You may be interested in Karla Luna, her family is trash for her ex-husband, Américo Garza, they assure

In addition to the fact that it has now come to light that the “comare guera” allegedly used certain substances before going out to give a show, this happened very frequently, revealed businessman Felipe Silva, who has uncovered the truths of “Las Lavanderas” and Américo Garza.

In the video that was published by the businessman himself how in the middle of the shows, Karla Panini mocks her “friend’s” cancer and even not as she blamed her because of her fault they stopped working and “lost money”.

We ran out of money because of this est & upid @, it is one more case for the Rosa de Guadalupe, they are going to bring her a cempasuchil flower.

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In another of the clips, Karla Luna tells Karla Panini that “god is going to judge her” to which Panini responds

Let me judge, God is going to take it to you soon, Panini points out, to which the laundress replied … you are without chamba cul …

Karla Luna was diagnosed with cervical cancer for the first time in 2012 when she had her fourth child, which made it necessary to remove her womb. The former driver was optimistic overcoming the entire process.

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However, two years later, in 2014, the cancer returned and optimistic Karla faced it with all her strength but in September of last year, the cancer attacked Luna in the neck.

The driver always kept close to her fans, from the bed of the San Jerónimo hospital, where she was hospitalized for the last two months, she broadcast live and shared her evolution.

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On many occasions, the late comedian appeared hoarse due to the treatments she endured, since at those times the cancer had already metastasized, according to information gathered.

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Despite everything she lived through, the remembered former comedian from Las Lavanderas was always optimistic, as the message shared in the publication points out.

As in spite of the mockery and humiliation of Karla Panini / ALWAYS OUR DEAR, @karlalunatv showed courage, professionalism, and was always a great warrior on and off stage! God rest his soul. #justiciaparakarlaluna.


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