Karol G After His Presentation In Mexico Makes a Decision That Surprised Everyone

After the last song by Karol G, Tusa has become one of the world’s successes, the singer is very grateful for this and continues that she will not be able to overcome even if other successes come out.

With over 600 million views on the YouTube platform and 440 million on Spotify, the Colombian women next to Nicki Minaj, she has a great responsibility that does not let her think about anything else. Related News The first two months I almost went crazy because I didn’t like anything I was doing, my mind was so pressured that I wanted to overcome Tusa that I think the people around me hated me, declare Karol G.

Then with the panorama calmer and the mind more open than before, singer He gave the scoop to be back in the month of April with a new single in which he investigates new rhythms. Now that I have opened my eyes I have very great expectations, having entered passes to which I had never entered has made me turn to sounds very different. I already have my new single and I am not doubtful, I do not know if it will be a success or not, but in my heart I am sure that it is what I have to follow, the Colombian artist continues with her story.


The interpreter of My bed sounds is in Mexico being part of the Spotify Awards where you will have a participation, but also be part of a march around the International Women’s Day.

That march that they are going to do fascinates me, going out to the street and not only that but to say that the other day we are not going to leave so that they see what a day is without us, it seems good to me. I agree, I think the only way to be heard is when all the voices become one, Karol G. said about it.



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