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Colombian singer Karol G surprised her latest post on Instagram, where she appears kissing her boyfriend, singer Anuel AA, with whom she has just completed a year of dating.

In her publication, the interpreter of “Ocean” looks at the camera with her mouth ajar, while her boyfriend, under her, tries to kiss her.

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Karol G published this photograph on October 26. (PHOTO: Instagram)

“They never gave me such rich kisses,” Karol G wrote, along with the photograph that already reached 1,315, 436 likes in its first two hours of publication on Saturday, October 26.

The comment written by the reggaeton singer would make it clear that the kisses she received in her past relationships have no point of comparison with Anuel AA.

Precisely, before Karol G began a relationship with the singer of "China" and "Dawn", was a couple of music producer René Cano, known as "Bull Nene." However, their courtship came to an end in 2018.

At that time, the couple explained that the reason for the breakup was not due to lack of love, only that they both lost many job opportunities by always trying to stay together. This could be confirmed because the ‘baby girl’ still has photos on affectionate situations with ‘Bull Nene.

Karol G keeps this photo on his profile with René Cano, published on April 16, 2018. (PHOTO: Instagram)

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Another well-known couple of Karol G (who just appeared on the cover of Basic Magazine, under the title of "The Urban Queen of Reggaeton"), is Sebastián Sánchez, best known within the urban genre as Dj Chez Tom.

The relationship occurred when Karol G began in the world of music as a chorus of Colombian reggaeton singer Andrés Felipe Robledo Londoño better known as Reykon ‘El Líder’. Dj Chez Tom was his official DJ.

Karol G with Dj Chez Tom when they both worked with Reykon ‘The Leader’. (PHOTO: Instagram)

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Another who also enjoyed the kisses of the Colombian singer, was his compatriot Sebastián Yatra, although both were never a couple.

This happened in 2017, shortly after the singer of “Runaway” will tell his followers on Instagram that he wanted to kiss Karol G.

Therefore, taking advantage of a presentation goes to her dressing room and entering the force to kiss him. The moment was recorded in a clip that Sebastián Yatra later shared in his Instagram stories.



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