Karol Sevilla Instagram: Soy Luna Actress Confesses The Real Reason She Had To Do To Star In The Series

It was the chosen one. Karol Sevilla, famous for playing ‘Luna Valente’ in ‘I am Luna’, turned 20 on November 9. On this special occasion, we tell you the real reason why the Mexican actress was chosen to play the main role of the popular series.

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Much was rumored about why Karol Sevilla was chosen to play the lead role of ‘I’m Luna’. The actress herself confessed, in an interview for Radio Disney, that she is convinced that the creators relied on her story to develop the plot of the famous soap opera.


“I have always said that Disney relied on my story and on my person to create Luna, because we are both identical. We do not give up, we are warriors, strong and very stubborn. I identify a lot with my character, ”Sevilla said.

In that same conversation, the young Mexican would confess that the character would help her to exploit different artistic facets. As you remember, Luna Valente, is a girl who not only skates, also sings, dances and acts.

What is ‘I am Luna’?

‘Soy Luna’ is an Argentine youth soap opera that was produced by Pol-ka Production and Disney Channel for Latin America. It was first broadcast on March 14, 2016 and culminated on August 17, 2008. It has 3 seasons.

What is the story of ‘Soy Luna’ about?

Luna Valente is a student who loves to spend her free time skating with her friend Simon in Mexico. From one moment to another, his life changes completely after his parents accepted a job offer in Argentina.

In this new stage, Luna (Karol Sevilla), discovers the Jam & Roller skating club where he not only strengthens his skating skills but also his love for singing. On the other hand, he will also meet new friends like Matteo Balsano (whom he will end up falling in love with) and Amber Smith (Matteo’s girlfriend); The latter will become his rival, who will try to make his life impossible.

Song lyrics ‘Alas’ by Soy Luna

One of the most popular songs in the series ‘Soy Luna’ is Alas performed by Karol Sevilla, Matteo Balsano, among others. Without a doubt, a musical theme that made a whole teenage generation sing.

I’m close to reaching my sky

defying gravity

nothing can stop this dream that is so real

oh oh real, so real

I know there is no fear, oh

if I keep trying

the emotion that moves me is the force of a hurricane

Does Karol Sevilla have a boyfriend?

In an interview with “15-20”, the popular ‘Luna Valente’ revealed that she does not currently have a partner.

“It is a very complicated age. Now I understand teenagers, suddenly you may be crying, happy, (but) they are changes that we are going to make. But I’ve been so busy that it hasn’t given me time to give my feelings time, to go through those transitions. ”