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Karol Sevilla Tests Positive For Covid-19

The actress and singer shared the news on her networks.

The list of celebrities who have been infected with coronavirus is growing, regardless of age, celebrities have also been affected by the pandemic, such is the case of the young singer Karol Sevilla , who reappeared in his networks to confirm that he tested positive for coronavirus.

The singer’s notice came after the followers of her networks began to question where she was, since she had not made any publication for six days.

In order to put an end to speculation, last night, the interpreter shared a story in which she briefly explained that the result of her Covid test was positive, so she made the decisi on to leave the networks for a few days to dedicate herself fully caring for your health.

“I know that I have not appeared on social networks, they are asking me where I am, I came out positive in COVID-19 and well we are recovering little by little,” he wrote.

Although she did not give more details about her state of health, it is known that the actress also had an intense start to the year, as she started it with the promotion of her new single, entitled “Tus besos”; With the above it is explained that the interpreter was probably in promotion, which could have caused the contagion.

So far it is not known if Karol is the only one sick or if any other member of her family was affected by the disease.

Karol took advantage of the publication to thank his followers for their concern and to be aware of his health. However, he did not elaborate on the symptoms of the disease he has suffered.

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