Kate Del Castillo Met With Lagartonas To Celebrate 25 Years Of Friendship

The great absentee was Yolanda Andrade, who has not spoken to the actress since 2016

If there is something that Kate del Castillo he had wanted to do since he could return to Mexico after the scandal in which he was involved with the Chapo Guzmán, is to reunite with her group of friends known as “Las Lagartonas”.


Even in his press conference to celebrate that he could return to the country without fear of being apprehended, Kate

had expressed his desire to reunite with Fabiola Campomanes, Montserrat Oliver, Yolanda Andrade Y Roxanna Castellanos.

“I adore my friends and I know that they love me too and there will be a moment in which we will all sit down to talk and tell me why they are angry as my family did at the time and is fine and I assume ”, He expressed in December 2018.

Time flies by and the time has come for that reunion, which was documented on the social networks of Fabiola, Roxanna Y Montserrat, who shared the selfies of the memory in addition to messages in which they reiterate their friendship.

“What a good time …. It will always take time .. We needed JOE @yolandaamor I Love Each one. I will always do it and I will always be here, ”he said Roxanna Castellanos. While, Fabiola wrote: “Thank you for this reunion I love you” and Montserrat He said: “Friends for over 25 years!”

The great absentee in this reunion of “lizards” was Yolanda Andrade , who has repeatedly expressed that he does not forgive Kate del Castillo because of the delicate situation in which she put her when she was involved with El Chapo Guzmán.

The last time Yolanda He talked about it precisely in December 2018, when he learned that Kate I could return to Mexico.

“I am very glad that you come to see your parents, your parents have had a bad time too. There is no communication, I can’t tell you lies, I haven’t talked to her for a long time. We were (very close), we are all very friendly, but I have not talked to Kate, I am the only one who has not (talked to her), ”he said during an event held at Mexico City.

On the reasons why he decided to end his friendship, Yolanda Andrade He said: “It has been her desire to make a movie and I believe that everything that has happened to her has become a movie. It affected me publicly, many things were said, that I had gotten into I don’t know what, I wasn’t even going to make a character from his movie. It is very delicate and very painful because I considered her my friend, but right now, at this moment, I believe that neither [tiene intenciones de reencontrarnos]. At least I’m not going to be at the airport waiting for her. ”