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No one can believe it. Kate Middleton's name is still news in the United Kingdom. Amid the rumors of a new pregnancy, new details have been revealed of what was her wedding with Prince William.

The MT Media channel, on the YouTube platform, revealed what Kate Middleton's preparation was before becoming the wife of Lady Di's son.

YOU CAN SEE Kate Middleton impacts everyone with a renewed image [VIDEO]


It was said that the Duchess of Cambridge, mother of three children, could not hold back the tears when the design that she developed with a renowned fashion designer was exposed in the press.

They said in the video that Kate Middleton did everything that was in her hands so that her creation would not be shown, especially to maintain the tradition that the boyfriend, Prince William, does not see how he would look on the altar to give the "Yes I accept".

“Behind the scenes, it was specified that there were tears in the royal house, and of the bride, because Kate Middleton did everything possible to keep her wedding dress secret. She was devastated when the design of her wedding dress was exposed. ”

The aforementioned media specified that the Duchess of Cambridge wanted to endorse the design of her wedding dress, so she was encouraged to realize the dress she wanted to wear on the day of her marriage to Prince William.

YOU CAN SEE Prince William and Kate Middleton would be furious with the Dukes of Sussex

He took pencil and paper to make his first sketch, which was perfected by one of the artists of the house Alexander McQueen.

When did Kate Middleton and Prince William get married?

It is recalled that the royal house organized the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, which was celebrated on April 29, 2011. They currently have 8 years of marriage and three children, the result of their love: George, Charlotte and Louis.

They filter photos of Meghan Markle in a bikini

Just a few weeks ago, netizens spread a photo on the social networks where Kate Middleton appeared on the beach wearing a white bikini.

The images of Prince William's now wife were captured in 2006 in Ibiza, Spain, when she was still single.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William furious with the Dukes of Sussex?

As Mexican media pointed out at the beginning of September, Kate Middleton and Prince William would be very upset with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

According to the information, the couple would have been bothered after the ‘Dukes of Sussex’ said they only want to have two children to help the good of the planet, since as recalled, the Dukes of Cambridge have 3.

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Kate Middleton shows off with a change of look

Kate Middleton surprised her fans by appearing with a prominent look change during a major event. The quesa Duchess of Sussex ’showed her renewed appearance during the first day of school for her children Charlotte and George.