Kate Middleton Overshadowed By Her Handsome Secretary, You Didn't Know

Kate Middleton overshadowed by her handsome secretary, you didn't know. | PHOTO: AP

There is no doubt that wherever the Duchess of Cambridge goes, she steals attention immediately, for her sympathy, her unique style, and her intelligence make her one of the most influential royals. However, lately, Kate Middleton has been overshadowed by her handsome secretary, you sure didn't know.

This is Christian Jones, who was previously secretary of the Dukes of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and now reappeared with Kate Middleton and Prince William in London, during his meeting with Aga Khan.


In January of this year, the handsome employee of the possible future Queen of England was captured when Kate entered to eat at the Italian restaurant of Nothing Hill, completely stealing the attention of the cameras.

And he's not only handsome …

It is known that he studied Economics at the University of Cardiff in 2011, and held other positions, as press director of the Chancellor of the United Kingdom Treasury. From 2016 to 2018 he served as press secretary and speech editor for the Secretary of State.

Even in December of last year he was press secretary for both the Cambridge and the Sussex, and it was when rumors of an alleged rivalry between the two couples arose.

However, Christian Jones stopped working for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, since last April, when they decided to separate Kate Middleton and Prince William, both from home and foundation, and to date, only does it for the Cambridge.

With them, the secretary of Kate Middleton is dedicated to caring for the public image of her family, her relationship with the media, and avoiding any type of problem that may affect society's perception of them.

The fact is that the beautiful secretary of Kate and William, has already taken sighs every time he is seen with the dukes, also that, so far, he has done a great job with them, because his image is going well.

If you want to see the photograph of Kate's secretary, Christian Jones, click HERE and HERE.