Katie Porter Winner Of South California Th District

Katie Porter Winner Of South California 47th District

After a tough campaign against Republican Scott Baugh, Democratic Rep. Katie Porter is expected to keep her seat in Congress.

AP News predicted that after all the votes were counted, Porter beat Baugh, who used to be a lawmaker. Both Democrats and Republicans are running for office in the 47th District, but it has a conservative bent that helps the Republican candidate.

Seal Beach, Laguna Beach, and the nearby coastal towns of Costa Mesa and Irvine are all places to live.


Porter said in a statement on Wednesday that he had won.

Katie Porter Winner Of South California 47th District

Porter said, “No one wins elections by themselves.” “These results would not have been possible without the hundreds of grassroots supporters who knocked on doors, made phone calls, and helped get people to our events. I am proud of the work we did together and the work our team will keep doing in Congress to help families in Orange County.

The Republicans took back control of the House on Wednesday. With Porter’s win, Republicans will have 218 seats and Democrats will have 212 next year. In a few other races, the vote counts are still going on.

Porter was running for office in a district that had been changed a lot. It included her hometown of Irvine, but it also had a lot of voters who did not know her. During the campaign, there was a clear choice.

Porter, a star in the progressive wing of her party who is known for asking CEOs tough questions during hearings on Capitol Hill, built her campaign around protecting abortion rights and expanding access to health care. She also talked a lot about her work as a consumer advocate, such as fighting against high credit card fees.

She said that oil companies were keeping the supply low so they could make more money.

Conservative Baugh, who used to be the head of the county GOP, said that Congress Democrats and President Joe Biden were to blame for inflation, rising gas prices, and high taxes that made it hard for people to pay their bills.

Both candidates said that the other was a radical.

Porter’s win was another sign that Orange County’s politics are changing. The area used to be called “Reagan Country” because of its ties to former Republican President Ronald Reagan and its conservative politics.

This happened after Senator Catherine Cortez was elected in Nevada.

Once mostly white and Republican, the more than 3 million-person county is now becoming more diverse and more Democratic. In the 2020 presidential election, Biden won Porter’s district by more than 10 points.

Even though Porter’s win was close, it is unlikely to stop people from talking about her running for the US Senate in the future.

In District 13, a seat that is still open, Republican John Duarte beat Democrat Adam Gray by one vote. This is the closest race left in the state. With about 90% of the votes counted, the most recent results showed that Duarte was in the lead by just under 1,000 votes.

In his message from Mar-A-Lago, he criticized the Biden administration for things like inflation and the crisis at the border.

Another race that had not been decided was in California’s huge 3rd Congressional House District, which goes from the suburbs of Sacramento to the middle of the state. Kermit Jones, a doctor and Navy veteran who was a Democrat, was behind state assemblyman and Republican Kevin Kiley.

In Central Valley District 22, where about two-thirds of the votes had been counted, Republican Rep. David Valadao, who voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump, led Democrat Rudy Salas by 5.6 points, or about 4,000 votes.

katie porter town hall brawl video

About a year ago she was famous for being a in a brawl video during a town hall meeting.

The confrontation lasted for nearly a minute before Irvine Police officers arrived and guided several men out of the crowd.


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