Katy Perry Confirms That She Is Waiting For Her First Child With Orlando Bloom

The singer raised suspicions with some images of a preview of her new video, however, later confirmed the news in their networks.

Katy Perry confirmed that he is waiting for his first baby with his fiance Orlando Bloom through the music video of his new single ‘Never Worn White’: those who stayed watching it until the last seconds, undoubtedly got a big surprise when the camera focused on the profile artist to show her bulky pregnancy belly in all her splendor.


After making the happy news known, the pop star ran to her social networks to make an Instagram live in which she shared with her fans some details about her upcoming maternity debut, such as when her firstborn is expected to be born .

“This summer many things are going to happen. Not only will I give birth, literally, and also figuratively, to something they have been waiting for a long time,” he said with some nerve, while eating mango in bed, to refer to both your expected next album and the birth of your baby.

“I am very excited, we are very excited, yes, and happy. I think it is probably the secret that I have had more time to keep. I really wanted to tell you, and I thought the best way to do it was through a piece of music because that’s how we communicate with each other, “he acknowledged. “Besides, I had to reveal it at some point because it was starting to be very obvious.”

In that same intervention, Katy wanted to clarify that ‘Never Worn White’ is not the first single from her album ‘Katy5’, but a kind of “advance”: “It’s a good way to start.”