Katy Perry Pregnant? For This Reason It Raises Suspicions.

In February of last year, the singer and her partner, Orlando Bloom announced their tablet through their social networks.

Through their social networks, Katy Perry announced the release of his new single Never Worn White. The song along with the video clip will be available on Wednesday night on digital platforms.


In the advancement of the song, the Californian is seen wearing a long hair and surrounded by flowers, however, what caught most attention is that it appears touching her belly, which is bulky.

Immediately these images unleashed various theories among his fans, who began to speculate that the artist will announce her first pregnancy in this new song, which addresses the issue of marriage with her fiance, Orlando Bloom.

The artist also announced that after the premiere of the official video she will be interacting with her fans.

The performer and the actor met in January 2016 during the after party of the Golden Globes. After that meeting, the paparazzi picked them up again on a trip to Hawaii.

After keeping in profile under your romance, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom They ended in March 2017, however, months later they resumed their romance and since then they have become inseparable.

In February of last year the couple announced their commitment. The English artist asked marriage to Perry on Valentine’s Day and then both confirmed the news through social networks.

“In full bloom,” wrote the pop star on Instagram, a phrase that makes a play on the flower-shaped ring and with the name of her fiance, Bloom, which means “bloom.”

For his part, the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings published the same image next to the word “Lifetimes”, which could be translated as “for life.”

A source revealed to the magazine People that the couple is using a “planner to finalize all the details of the wedding” and that what they most want is a “small and intimate” wedding.