Katy Perry’s Grandmother Dies

The singer said goodbye to her grandmother with an emotional message in which she confesses that she hopes that she will have the opportunity to cross into the afterlife with the soul of her future baby to wish her luck.

The sweet stage you are living Katy Perry before the birth of his first child with his fiance Orlando Bloom Next summer has been overshadowed by the sad news of her grandmother’s death this weekend.


The famous singer has wanted to pay tribute publicly by sharing a choral version of the song Deep peace on his Twitter profile and an emotional message on Instagram, in which he wonders if his future baby will have the opportunity to cross his grandmother at some point before starting his journey in this world.

“I am not sure when a soul is supposed to enter its new vehicle, but if there is a beyond with a waiting room for those who arrive and those who leave, I cannot help wondering if that soul is waiting to join us it goes to cross paths with my grandmother, who left us yesterday, to receive a kiss from her on the forehead. I hope so, “wrote the artist.

“If the opportunity arises to speak with that soul that is still waiting for its turn, it is most likely that the selected conversation at some point asks: ‘Are you sure you want to choose that crazy group?’. Surely In Actually, I am almost certain that my grandmother had a glass of her favorite rosé waiting for her in the afterlife … and a completely up-to-date outfit, with lots of jewelry, of course. “

The star has also recorded the history of the film of Ann, who overcame the great depression and raised three children alone – including the father of Katy– while working as a seamstress making the daring outfits for Las Vegas dancers.

“She was always herself, in the most authentic way possible, fun and surrounded by all those adorable things that come to mind when you think of a grandmother,” she revealed. Katy, who attributes his best qualities – his fighting spirit, his stubborn character and his sense of fashion – to Ann’s influence.

“I hope she rests in peace and kisses that soul that is waiting and assures her that everything will be fine, especially now that she has a guardian angel watching over her,” he concluded. Katy.