Keanu Reeves About To Lose His Life During The Filming Of “Matrix 4”?

Keanu Reeves fans are shocked after it became known that he was about to lose his life, according to the international press, in full recording of “Matrix 4”.

The 55 year old actor He is recognized primarily for his interpretation of “Neo” in the action saga, whose next film will hit theaters in 2021. Related News However, apparently, in the middle of the filming of the producti on that is currently taking place, the star Hollywood was about to die. What happened?

Recently a recording circulated on the networks in which Keanu is seen performing a high-risk scene. According to some media, it was there that everything happened.


The artist of Canadian origin was on the heights and hung on some cables that, apparently, swayed suspiciously.

Fortunately, the film’s production immediately saved Reeves and another colleague who was recording the scene with him.

“Matrix 4” premiered in May next year, after more than two decades of having come to light the first film in the series, becoming a blockbuster.