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Keanu Reeves’ Fleeting Wedding That Overshadows His Past

Keanu Reeves’ fleeting gay wedding that overshadows his past | AP

It is impossible to talk about the actor Keanu Reeves without addressing some of the controversies that haunt his life, a supposed and brief g @ wedding and stood out in the rising career of the actor back in the 90s.

The subject captured everyone’s attention after mentioning one of Hollywood’s most coveted gallants, Keanu Reeves and his fleeting and alleged wedding with another man.

His famous career would not be exempt from controversy when the alleged relationship that the actor had with another star on the set came to light.

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Before becoming the Neo of “Matrix”, of his brief family life with Jennifer Syme and the consolidation of what is now his career, the actor Keanu Reeves was in the middle of a confusing rumor, “he would have had a relationship with another man”.

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It was during the 90s, on the set of the iconic film “My Private Idaho” when the actor became the antistar of the film mecca.

In 1994, rumors spread as fast as today when it was revealed that the actor, of Lebanese origin, Reeves, “had just married a man.”

Some weeklies such as “Voice” or “Corriere della Sera” revealed the plan that would have been forged as they exposed by the grace of enemies who wanted to annoy the actor’s career.

The news reported that Reeves had married David Geffen, a famous record mogul.

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Many even revealed unusual details of the wedding describing that it would have been held in a closed restaurant in Los Angeles and through a heterodox rite.

Some others published that the supposed ceremony would have taken place in front of the Gulf of Mexico and that it would have cost Geffen no less than $ 15,000.

They even mentioned some witnesses to the link like model Claudia Schiffer to Elizabeth Taylor.

Simply the rumors grew more and more giving way to new versions until the protágonistas had to speak on the subject.

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Geffen completely denied having “cast his eyes on Reeves” while Keanu, for his part, delved deeply into the subject and pointed out bluntly: “They are gossip”

It’s so ridiculous that I find it funny. In other words, there is nothing wrong with being gay, so denying it is making a value judgment. Why make such a fuss about it? If someone doesn’t want to hire me because they think I’m gay, well then I’ll have to face it, I guess. Or if people refused to see my films, but other than that, it’s gossip, nothing more “

Alexandra Grant the current partner of actor Keanu Reeves. Photo EFE

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What marked the life of Reeves

His fleeting relationship with Jennifer Syme would have kept the actor lonely for a long time until now after his recent relationship with Alexandra Grant.

For several years, loneliness would have been the companion of the protágonista of “Jhon Wick” after his tragic relationship with Syme, after losing the child they were expecting and shortly after losing her in a traffic accident.

On the one hand, Keanu Reeves reached the top with the Matrix but life would put a very high cost on him on the other hand.

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Now apparently with Grant he seems to have found the peace he so badly needed and the two have joined in red carpets and award shows. Apparently the artist seems to have the key formula to make Hollywood’s most unique star happy.


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