Kendall Jenner Receives Marriage Proposal In The Street

The model was surprised by a fan, with whom she behaved very nice but did not give her hope to reach the altar.


Cupid it can surprise you anywhere, as it proved Kendall Jenner while I was from shopping in West Hollywood. Already in the parking lot, before getting on your Lamborghini, a fan approached him to ask for a selfie, but seconds later something completely unexpected happened.



In a video published by the portal of AND! News you can see this brave, who commented that his name is John, when he leaned on one knee and proposed to the supermodel. Kendall Very kindly he replied: “I don’t even know your name. Nice to meet you, you seem very nice.”

After kindly saying no, it was all smiles at the young man’s surprise action: “I was clearly very surprised when he took out the box with a ring. He had a big smile on his face, but told him he didn’t even know his name,” a witness told. But the statement did not end there.


John proved that he can be very insistent and then asked Kendall yes “marriage was possible in the future, but she told him that he already loved someone with his soul. He was having fun with him and felt very flattered by everything. When he said goodbye he accepted that it was nice to meet him and closed the door “added the informant.


Everything suggests that someone special who spoke Jenner is the NBA player Ben Simmons, with whom it seems that he is still dating although they try to keep their romance secret. A source accepted that “they really love and hope to be part of each other’s life.”


For Kendall, 24, love has given him the opportunity “to learn several lessons in each relationship, many have taught me more about me, that is the most valuable; and what I want from another person. I have learned many things, assured after participating in the last campaign of Calvin Klein.