Kendall Jenner Runs Away From Confinement At Home With New Boyfriend?

It’s about basketball player Devin Brooks, who plays for the Phoenix Suns

Ben simmons quien? The quarantine has failed to stop the romantic life of Kendall Jenner; Everything indicates that the model is having a romance with another basketball star.


According to TMZ, it is about Devin Booker, who currently plays for the Phoenix Suns. And things are going so well between them that the half-sister of the Kardashian he did not mind breaking the confinement to go with him.

The site reports that Kendall left his Los Angeles-based home to take a road trip to Sedona, Arizona, where he lives. Devin Booker. And no, it was not a short trip, since the distance between LA and Sedona is estimated to be about seven hours.

TMZ ensures that throughout the trip Kendall and their supposed new heartthrob were very romantic, although another version is circulating around that ensures that they are really only very good friends.

“Kendall and his friends have a small social circle and have followed the same guidelines for social distancing and physical distancing.

Devin is a friend and part of the small group. They made a road trip to take the air they so badly needed, ”said a source, debunking the theory that they could be a couple. Also, neither the model nor the basketball player have confirmed their relationship, so it is perhaps true that they are not dating.

However, the truth is that Devin it’s a good match for Kendall. In 2017, when he was only 20 years old, he became the youngest player in history to score 60 points during a match. Also, it is very well paid. According to reports, last year he pocketed $ 27.28 million, a not inconsiderable figure for Kendall Jenner.

The last boyfriend who met the model was Ben simmons, but the relationship did not prosper and although it had been said that they had been given a second chance, a source told the magazine Us Weekly:

“It is official that Kendall and Ben are not together again. They both like to have an untethered type of relationship. Both work and travel frequently and it is not very realistic to have an exclusive relationship between them. However, they really like each other and love spending time together. ”