Kentucky Elections: Governor Rejects Results That Mark a Sharp Setback For Donald Trump

The governor of Kentucky, Republican Matt Bevin, refused to acknowledge his apparent defeat in Tuesday’s tight state election, attributed by Attorney General Andy Beshear, a Democrat who held what represents a coup for Donald Trump.

Bevin referred to alleged "irregularities" in the voting process and implied that he will ask for a vote count. Although the electoral authorities noted the difference that favors the opposition candidate, the AP agency chose not to declare a winning projection, since the difference between the candidates was just 0.4 points (49.2 to 48.8, about 5 thousand votes).

The apparent triumph of Beshear in a state of marked conservative character comes just a day after President Donald Trump traveled to Kentucky to give a rally to support Bevin. Ironing on the media frenzy, the president had called his constituents on Monday night to go to the polls in Kentucky with words that could be premonitory: “If we lose, that would send a very bad message (…) They can't let that happens to me, ”he said to the crowd.


In the 2016 election, Trump took a 30-point lead over his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. Therefore, he tried to make these elections a referendum on his government. However, he also faced a very low popularity of the governor among voters, affected by teacher strikes and problems with pension funds.

The president reacted on Twitter and said that Bevin "earned at least 15 points in recent days." "But it may not be enough (and fake media will blame Trump)," he wrote.

Anyway, a Democratic victory does not ensure that the result is repeated in the presidential elections of 2020. Eight years ago, the Democratic candidate won the governorship by a difference of 20 points, but a year later Mitt Romney, rival of Barack Obama, obtained a positive margin of 23 points.



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