Khloé Kardashian Closes Cycles And Finally Says Goodbye To Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian Closes Cycles And Finally Says Goodbye To Tristan Thompson

Khloé doesn’t even talk about the subject on his own initiative, since his real concern is the responsibilities as mother of little True.

More than a year has passed since Khloé Kardashian ended his stormy relationship with the basketball player Tristan Thompson, which was marked by Thompson’s numerous infidelities, above all, by the kiss he gave Jordyn Woods – the then intimate friend of Kylie Jenner– during a party.


Fortunately for the businesswoman too, both what happened and the emotional sequels of such betrayal are already part of his past, to the point that sources in his environment now say that Khloé has definitely turned the page and now looks to the future, in all areas of his life, with enthusiasm and optimism.

“This is a topic Khloé doesn’t even talk about, it happened a year ago and, although it was very hard, she doesn’t want to live so negatively. She has worked very hard to close the cycle and that’s what she has done. The only thing that really matters now is the well-being of his daughter True, “explained a magazine to the magazine People


In fact, at present, the link between Khloé and Tristan is far from non-existent, since both must coordinate and collaborate for their daughter, who will turn two next April.

“Her main goal is to bring the party in peace with Tristan to raise her daughter, everything else is secondary. She needs to make sure that True feels loved at all times and that she will always have her two parents at her disposal.” , said the same source.