Kid Rock Plays Golf With Donald Trump's Son

5 January, 2020 8:14 pm
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Kid Rock has returned to be the center of attention only a few weeks after a video leaked in which we could see him drunk making racist and macho comments against the presenter Oprah Winfrey. On this occasion, the controversy has arisen from photographs that Donald Trump Jr. – son of Donald Trump – has published with the artist.

In this picture we can see the American musician – declared faithful follower of Trump – posing in a golf club owned by this family and located in Palm Beach (Florida) next to the president's son. In addition, the shirt that Kid Kid is wearing makes a pun in English by means of which he forms the word “shit” using a cartoon by Adam Schiff, a Democratic politician who serves as president of the Select Permanent Standing Commission on House Intelligence of Representatives and who collaborated in the investigation carried out on the 2016 elections and the role of Russia in them.


“Hanging out with the man… Kid Rock. I love the shirt, buddy. On this occasion, we are missing the golf dress and policy code, ”explained Donald Trump Jr. in that Instagram post. This message also includes several laugh emoticons.

The video we mentioned above has ended up forcing Kid Rock to close his restaurant after the protests provoked. Will this photo have other consequences for him?


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