Kim Kardashian Disguises Her Children As Worms And Rains Criticism

Kim Kardashian disguises her children as worms and rains criticism

Kim Kardashian disguises her children as worms for Halloween and rains criticism, because to be a celebrity known for her great style, one expected everything but that. In addition, her husband Kanye West also posed for the family photo, but never showed her face.

This year, Kim Kardashian's entire family wore their costumes and not to mention their children and nephews who looked lovely, but the worm costume was another level, would Kanye West have chosen it?


Although, a couple of days have passed since the Halloween festivities, Kim Kardashian barely shared the image of the second family costumes and that was when all kinds of criticisms were unleashed against her for the strangeness of them, it was not until she was accused of nasty and vulgar.

From the tender to the strange and the conditions of her husband

Kim Kardashian began the festivities by sharing her characterization of "Elle Woods," the protagonist of the famous movie "Legally Blonde." Later she and her family became "The Flintstones" and posed for a beautiful family photo.

The image caused controversy because his youngest daughter, Chicago, had to be added by digital edition to the image, the reason? The fear caused by the disguise of his father, Kanye West, who chose to be the famous Dino.

Kim Kardashian was the lovely "Betty Marble", her daughter North was Vilma, her son Saint was Pedro Flintstones, her daughter Chcago was Pebbles and her youngest son Psalm was Bam Bam.

In the comments of the image published on Instagram, Kim Kardashian explained that her husband put a condition to participate in the dynamics and that this was the use of costumes that covered her face, something that also fulfilled the worm costumes.

Kim Kardashian called the image "The West Worms" and although despite his disguise again he presumed his famous curves, his followers did not see with good eyes that someone so famous and dressed as that kind of insect.

Both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have expressed that they have a very particular vision of beauty and fun, something that was confirmed with this peculiar family costume.