Kim Kardashian Is Caught Fighting With One Of Her Sisters

The fight between the two sisters that has been talked about so much in recent months will be shown in the next episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

A few weeks ago Kim Kardashian hinted that she and her sister Kourtney had starred in a physical altercation in front of the cameras of the family reality show that the second one left last year, after recording the season that is currently being broadcast, to spend more time with her children, or at least that was the official version that was offered of her departure.


Those who thought at that time that Kim was exaggerating should take a look at the promotional preview of the next episode that was published on Tuesday, in which the two sisters come to the hands in the middle of an argument for unknown reasons.

In the video, less than one minute long, you can see Kourtney throwing a bottle of water at Kim, who is sitting on the floor, while shouting that no one has given importance to the matter they were dealing with. The reaction of the ‘assaulted’ does not wait and stands up to hit his face. “Don’t throw yourself that way again,” he warns her very seriously before pushing her and apparently preparing to hit her while Kourtney shrinks instinctively, although the scene is cut just at that moment.

Tensions between the two celebrities have been rising since last year due to Kourtney’s refusal to allow cameras to Keeping Up With the Kardashians They would shoot at home or when accompanied by her boyfriend Younes Bendjima, which in practice forced Kim and her other sister Khloé to work longer hours.

On the other hand, Kim also recently implied that in recent months they have been able to approach positions, but viewers will still see several fights before the show reaches the point they are now.