Kim Kardashian Is Willing To Sue One Of Her Sisters, Why?

Kourtney just wants to protect his three children from the hurtful comments they might receive from the cruelest Internet users.

The television star Kourtney Kardashian once again defended his decision to significantly reduce his presence in the reality show of his famous family, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, as next season is approaching, an attitude that already caused several problems with his sisters Kim and Khloé when considering these that it follows a lack of commitment and professionalism on their part.


In that sense, Kris Jenner’s firstborn is convinced that the media overexposure that derives from her weekly appearances on the small screen could be very harmful for her three children, the result of her extinct relationship with Scott Disick, since the hard scrutiny of social networks – especially the most heartless Internet users – would have a devastating effect on their self-esteem.

“Kourtney is very clear that it will be beneficial for everyone to film less sequences for the program. Now that their children are getting older, they are increasingly aware of the effects of media exposure. Maybe they are still very young, but from here about years they will be able to read directly the unpleasant things that some are already writing about them, “revealed a source from his most intimate circle to People magazine.

“Kourtney is more protective than ever with her children, probably because she has finally realized the problems that this situation can generate in the long term,” added the same informant about Penelope (7), Mason (10) and Reign (5) . It must also be remembered that, in one of his last interviews, Kourtney recognized that he wanted to have more time away from the cameras to enjoy his own and plan new work projects.

On the other hand, Kim herself acknowledged that it was raised even if she had to hire a lawyer before it was issued, because the situation between them “becomes a bit violent.” Besides that it is in his plans to sue Kourtney for breach of contract when announcing that you no longer want to be in the reality show.