Kim Kardashian Surprises With Unpublished Photo Of Her Adolescence

Fans believe that the change has not been drastic.

American businesswoman Kim Kardashian shared on social networks a photograph of his old school yearbook, which was taken during his adolescence, when he was studying 9th grade, mid-1990s.


The reality show star surprised and caused a stir among the comments of its more than 161 million followers, with the image in which it looks a few decades younger, accompanied by the legend 9th grade.

In just thirteen hours the publication exceeded three million reactions and more than 13 thousand comments. Many of his fans expressed surprise, noting that his face has not changed much.

“Beautiful, unchanged. You are equal,” “You all have beautiful genes, thank you for sharing this with us, true fans appreciate this,” were some of the opinions of their fans.

What also caught her friend’s attention Tracy Romulus, from the designer Simone Harouch and his sister Khloé Kardashian, among other family friends, is the great resemblance that Kim has with his third daughter, Chicago West

“Oh my God, you and Chi are identical,” “ChiChi is your twin,” “Chicago, is that you?”, “You look like Chi in this picture,” are some of the opinions that acquaintances close to the family They did under the picture.

It is no secret to anyone that during his rise to fame, Kim Kardashian has performed more than one aesthetic procedure to polish his physical appearance, however, his followers think between comments that the change has been minimal.