Kim Kardashian Told How O.J. Simpson Divided His Family … And Other Secrets

The entrepreneur talked about that and other difficult moments on her long road to fame, such as her sex video or the assault in Paris.

Kim Kardashian He talked about everything he had to face during this time in which he went from being the daughter of a prominent lawyer or the inseparable friend of Paris Hilton, to become a multi-million dollar businesswoman, who found fame thanks to the format of the reality show and that is present in the whole world.


Kim it was sincere in the first episode of the new season of AND! True Hollywood Storyto whom Who He had access. In statements granted by the pay-TV channel to this medium, Kardashian He revealed which have been the hardest moments he has lived and what is his formula for the unusual success he has had so far and that he hopes to keep to achieve more dreams, such as the US presidency.

The socialite recalled a very complicated situation that divided her family, when Rob kardashian defended O.J. Simpson, accused (and acquitted) of the murdered his wife, Nicole Brown. Kim and his sister went to court to support his dad, but his mom, Kris, came to support the family of her friend who lost her life.

It was what he remembered Kim from that moment that would get more and more complicated, by the reaction of people to the defense of Rob from one of his closest friends, Simpson: “During the trial we all went to dinner with my dad and when he returned, next to his car he said ‘N *** a love’, and my dad was very upset because his children had to witness how his car was destroyed.”

For Kim that whole process allowed him to grow in his moral commitment, thanks to the hard work and dedication he observed in Rob kardashian, whom he considers one of his greatest examples to follow, but also realizing how in some media it is more important to sell the information, even if it is not real.

Since then, the life of Kim it’s rare: “My dad called us and said: ‘Well, see you at Uncle’s house O.J. We will all go there to celebrate. ‘ And now I tell people, ‘Yes, I was at Uncle’s house O.J. just after the verdict. ‘ I didn’t even think it was a big problem. It’s crazy for me to even think that this was a normal life, “he said.