Kimberly Flores Puts Gomita To Exercise But Fails In The Attempt, Says She Is ‘the Fat Friend’

Kimberly Flores puts Gomita to exercise but fails in the attempt, says she is ‘the fat friend’ | Instagram special photo

Although Kimberly Flores’s debut in the world of celebrities, it was not entirely good. After many criticized her for her relationship with singer Edwin Luna, the young mother has not only shown that her marriage is very beautiful, but that she is very talented. This time, he puts Gomita to exercise, but fails in the attempt, says she is the fat friend.

The fact is that Kimberly Flores, has been able to win its audience, because it already has a little more than 1 million followers on Instagram, but also on YouTube, it goes very well, a few days ago it celebrated its 200 thousand subscribers, where She practically shares her day to day and what is behind her photo sessions or her husband’s presentations.


Kimberly Flores puts Gomita to work out

Of course, Kimberly Flores, has stood out for being a very disciplined woman in matters of exercise and food, to show the body she has and that she is the mother of three children. But, she never stops training and therefore shares the advice with her followers.

In fact, at the time Gomita herself wrote to her on Instagram, which was an example for many and that her perseverance encouraged her to change her habits.

So Gomita accepted the challenge, Kimberly Flores traveled exclusively to train her friend. And although at first Gomita looked most motivated, she did accept that she was nervous, she was afraid that her friend would put on a very heavy routine and … just like that.

Of course, Kimberly Flores, is an expert in weight management and already trains with the weight of the professionals, but she had mercy with Gomita and only put average weight. What nobody imagined is that that little clown who left in Sabadazo, would fail in the attempt, because she could not even raise her arms and Kimberly Flores had to help her.

Gomita did not stop bidding during the entire training and declared that she is the fat friend and that is why she does not know much about the exercise. Although it is clear, he also has a great body, but he does have to work to achieve abdominals and biceps as marked as those of Kimberly Flores.