Kimberly Loaiza: I'm Pregnant Again

Kimberly Loaiza: I'm pregnant again | INSTAGRAM

The most recent video the famous youtuber Kimberly Loaiza surprised all his followers because it is titled, "I'M PREGNANT AGAIN (I do not want to have it) HEAVY GAME TO MY BOYFRIEND Kimberly Loaiza", to start reading the title We all thought that she was the "older cutie" who was going to confess that if she was pregnant.

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What we did not expect, nor Juan de Dios Pantoja, was that it was a new heavy joke for his channel, in which he would tell Juan that he was pregnant but that he does not want to have it, this cannot end well.

At the beginning of the video we have some progress on how strong things will get. Kim explains that the joke is designed because apparently Pantoja wants to have another child, despite the fact that they only have 2 months with their daughter Kima, but explains that, for health reasons, their doctor recommended that they wait at least 1 year to be able to get pregnant.

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The joke begins when he prepares a false vomit, which he would use in his live broadcast where they celebrated the second anniversary of Jukilop, something that his followers could see and also created speculations about a possible pregnancy, it seems that they also fell a little into the joke.

Together with his accomplice KatiaVlogs prepare this beginning. They also prepared a pregnancy test to look positive and make the joke more convincing.

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Arriving at the moment where his pregnancy confesses, Juan de Dios reacts very happy to know the news of the new pregnancy, poor does not know the joke that awaits him, but Kim continues in his role and everything becomes a drama worthy of soap opera.

We recommend you watch the video so you can see how it all ended, although if you can say that Juan de Dios was not very happy with this, he even confesses that he does not want to continue with the jokes because he is very afraid that he will then go out with something related to Kima, like he threw her down the balcony or something like that. It is a very funny video and we know that they will continue giving what to talk about because this couple knows how to do it.