Kina Malpartida And Other Famous Peruvians Who Turned Away From TV And Gave Radical Turns To Their Lives | PHOTOS | Famous

Kina Malpartida, the former world featherweight boxing champion, surprised her fans this week by resuming her social media activity to tell her she was teaching at a school for children in the United States. The athlete, who dabbled on TV as a contestant of the ‘reality’ “This is war,” is not the only one who has moved away from the screens to turn her life around.

Here is a review of other faces of the national TV that, far from it, have chosen other paths and occupations:

1. Sofia Franco


The blonde left her job as one of the most required TV channels on the small screen in Peru to support her husband, the mayor of La Molina, Álvaro Paz de la Barra. He currently dedicates his days to social work with the Ladies Committee of La Molina.

2. Eyal Berkover

The Israeli model gained fame in Peru as it passed through the "This is war" and "Combat" programs. In 2017 he starred in a controversy after being detained by the National Superintendence of Migrations to be deported, when he still had his current permit. Then the ojiverde chose to return to his native country, where he currently stands out as a model and participant of shows such as the successful “Survivor” format.

Eyal Berkover

3. Niko Ustavdich

The former member of "This is war", "Combat" and "Titans", is currently engaged in teaching swimming. He has his own academy in Miraflores.

4. Benjamin Lukovski

The Argentine model had to speak for the last time on Peruvian TV in 2016 as he passed by “The value of truth”. After that, he took his bags and went to live in the United States. Although it was speculated that he is dedicated to adult cinema, Lukovski has begun to stand out as an actor. He currently promotes in Bolivia the tape “Tu me manques”, by Rodrigo Bellot, from Santa Cruz, who was chosen to represent Bolivia in the Goya 2019.

5. Paula Marijuán

Argentina, which was very popular in the Peruvian show, currently prefers to lead a discreet life away from the cameras. In its social networks it indicates that it is dedicated to hospitality and catering.

6. Vanessa Tello

He became famous as a model for his participation in a mobile phone commercial. Then he participated in ‘realities’ as “This is war”, but he has now earned a reputation as a nutritionist, a career he studied while participating in the aforementioned TV shows.

7. Raúl Romero

He who was one of the most popular TV drivers of the 90s and early 2000s, had a short comeback with a cultural cutting program on cable TV and a sporadic participation in a Latin talent show. However, he currently prefers to devote himself to his rock band, to reading about science and to his new facet as a writer.

This week, Romero presented his first book in Madrid: "Zooilógico".

8. Denise Moscol

The popular Ok TV host, the missing Peruvian music channel, is currently away from TV. Although he occasionally participates in plays, he mainly dedicates himself to the locution and organization of events.

9. Annie Yepp

He was for more than 10 years in front of the disappeared "Yesterday and today", but currently prefers to devote himself to less media work. Annie Yepp is a real estate agent. His driving partner, Christian Bravo, meanwhile, stands out in the world of gastronomy. He owns a famous restaurant in San Isidro and has a program for cable TV.

10. Martha Sofia Salazar

Finally, the journalist Martha Sofía Salazar, remembered for her participation in “90 Seconds”, is currently a makeup artist.

And you, what other figure of Peruvian TV do you remember?