Know The Risk Factors Before It’s Too Late

Know The Risk Factors Before It’s Too Late

Dr. Juan Rivero warns about the risks of a heart attack if the preventive protocols are not met. A heart attack can occur silently after developing risk factors. Know the steps necessary to verify the proper functioning of the heart.

You feel oppression, suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, difficulty in blood pressure and constant pain in chest and arms, are some signs that you can not ignore, since you would be suffering from a heart attack.

A heart attack, which in some cases acts silently, develops when blood circulation is suddenly blocked that could cause death if not treated in time with specialists in the cardiovascular area.


Documentary sources warn that approximately 800,000 Americans have gone through a heart attack, a disease that has also touched the Hispanic community in the United States.

A very similar case happened to a young Venezuelan based in Texas, where he lost the battle against this deadly disease for not complying with the treatments to minimize the risk.

To prevent another case like this from returning to another family, it is time to prevent a heart attack with the guidance of Dr. Juan Rivera.

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The cardiovascular specialist once again provides advice and recommendations to the Hispanic community in the United States, through the Mundo Salud de Mundo Hispánico digital platform.

The doctor Juan Rivera made it clear that it is important for people to understand that high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, smoking and sedentary lifestyle, are the most damaging risk factors to develop a heart attack at any time plaques in the terrify of the heart, the main motor of the human being.

“What happens if the arteries are affected, means that 50 or 60 percent of cases, the first manifestation of that disease is a heart attack. In other words, the person did not know that something was happening and suddenly he had a heart attack, ”explained Juan Rivera, during his Facebook Live connection.

Symptoms between women and men may vary.

There is a belief that the symptoms of a heart attack are the same for both men and women, but Dr. Juan Rivera breaks that myth, arguing that the disease can vary.

Men may have chest pain in the left part, pain in the left arm and jaw, and a lot of sweating.

In the change in women, the heart attack can occur atypically, that is, with film characteristics, difficult to detect immediately.

How to detect risk factors to avoid a heart attack?

You felt one of the symptoms described, it is time to visit a cardiologist to not risk your life, these are the steps that are applied to prevent a heart attack.

Photo / Capture Hispanic World The patient is asked about a family history of a heart attack. Perform cholesterol lab tests. Detect blood pressure. Check blood cholesterol levels. Perform an ultrasound in the heart. Subject the patient to an ultrasound in the carotid arteries to verify blood flow to the brain and head. Apply a strength test. Perform a coronary artery scan in men over 40 and women over 50 to detect Plaques in the arteries of the heart.

This medical procedure helps establish the type of treatment the patient will receive to prevent a heart attack.

A heart attack can occur when you are resting, sleeping or experiencing exaggerated physical activity, so it is very important to act on time and save your life.

Any information you can consult Mundo Salud to know to clarify several doubts.

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