Kourtney Kardashian Was Left Without a Bra And With Just a Delicate White T-shirt

Kourtney not only appeared without makeup, but also let him see everything without wearing underwear

Kourtney Kardashian decided to go shopping at a simple store, and in this unusual outing, the older Kardashian appeared without a bra, wearing only a white T-shirt. Her nipples appeared uncensored in the image.

The publication is from the first day of the week, and by the end of this note it reached two million likes on Instagram. Prior to this image, Kourtney promoted a coke wearing only a sexy black corset with transparencies.


Four days ago, Kourtney tried his luck with a transparent shirt to reveal his underwear, and his beauty was reflected in the picture, although with this post he did not reach two million likes.

At the moment it seems that his greatest success on Instagram is found in the videos where he appears with his sisters, since in these he achieves more than nine million views.

But when he appears alone it seems that his luck decreases, again, and only gets about two million reproductions.

The video in which he appears alone and exceeded eight million views, is the one he shared on June 10.