KSI Defeats Logan Paul In The Battle Of The Youtubers

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                    KSI (left), and Logan Paul have more than 40 million subscribers on their YouTube channels.

The biggest sporting event in internet history? Possibly. Pure entertainment? Definitely.

Faced with a global audience of millions, the pugilistic YouTube rematch between British KSI and his American rival Logan Paul produced, perhaps to the surprise of some, a splendid sports show in Los Angeles, this Saturday.


KSI won by split decision in a club that was fraught with controversy after Paul was deducted two points for hitting the opponent when he was on his way to the canvas.

Here is how the outcome of the event was entertaining and, at the same time, surreal.

KSI vs. Logan Paul: the millionaire boxing rematch between the two youtubers (and why it raises criticism) The rivalry between two YouTube stars that triggered in Berlin a pitched battle between hundreds of people

KSI for a hair

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                    KSI was the most aggressive of the two fighters.

First, the fight. It was not an Ali-Frazier or Fury-Wilder style encounter, but it was an entertaining match since the first bell.

KSI, 26, deserved the victory. He was the best fighter during the first four rounds and continuously thundered thunderous blows from the right that shook the tallest and lanky Paul.

The fight was going in almost one direction until Paul managed to find a space in KSI's defense with an uppercuty, then, when his opponent was on his way to the tarp, another hit found the target that took the British out of the air.

The referee intervened because Paul prevented the fall of KSI, after the upper one, in order to launch the other blow, so the judge said he would give the British time to recover.

Although Paul was deducted two points, he was credited with knocking down his opponent with the first blow.

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                    The referee deducted two points from Paul for what he considered an illegal coup.

KSI did not get carried away by his inexperience and remained out of danger for the rest of the fourth round, demonstrating a better set of legs than in the first fight they had.

But the frantic pace of combat remained throughout all six rounds.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, received the victory on the cards of two judges, while the third saw the fight in favor of Pau. The score on the three cards was 57-54, 56-55, 55-56.

It was a divided but acclaimed victory for the Briton, who was the fighter with more support inside a completely packed stadium, despite the fact that many of his fans had to cross the Atlantic to witness the fight.

Who was present?

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                    Pop star Justin Bieber was there to support Logan Paul.

It was obvious that a show was going to be seen from the moment the two youtubers entered the ring.

Logan Paul made his entrance by parodying a villain of popular melodramas, booed and joked around the locals as he marched toward the ring in a robe in the colors of the United States flag.

KSI paraded with a red and black mask that covered almost his entire face, with American rapper Rick Ross in front singing "Down Like That", a song in which both collaborated.

While most of the spectators were captivated by the tense fight, there was also a secondary attraction in the pop star Justin Bieber. The Canadian singer was on Paul's corner and, after appearing with him in between before the fight, Bieber was soon a trend in social networks after giving a standing ovation to Paul, after the second assault.

The Staples Center in Los Angeles was also full of youtubers – both Americans and British – many celebrating the victory of the British boxer, as they said on social media.

Will it happen again?

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                    Both fighters hugged each other at the end.

This is the second meeting in the ensogado for the two youtubers. The first match ended in a draw.

After this fight, both men were asked if they would face each other again. Paul, 24, said he would definitely look for another opportunity, while KSI was not willing.

"It's over," said KSI. "I'm already in the following."

In response, Paul, who said he would appeal the deduction of the two points against him, replied: "I would love to fight with KSI again – these have been the best moments of my life. The more practical I feel more comfortable."

The boxing match of the "youtubers" KSI and Logan Paul ends in a draw after being announced as "the biggest event in internet history"

British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn was satisfied in his first raid by organizing a show headed by two people with a combined YouTube subscription of over 40 million.

"The match showed everything that is magnificent about boxing," Hearn said.

"There has to be a narrative and a respect for the sport and these two have it," he said.

"If there are two other men or women who want to enter the ring – and respect the protocol – then that can happen again."

As in all the great boxing narratives, behind all verbal attacks there is a deep respect among the rivals.

After being asked to make peace with Paul at the end of the fight, KSI paused, looked down and offered his hand. A dramatic outcome to the pure end.

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