Kyle Shanahan does not regret his plays in Super Bowl

Kyle Shanahan Does Not Regret His Plays In Super Bowl LIV

SANTA CLARA – San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan does not use social networks, but after the disappointing defeat of his team in the Super Bowl LIV, he has a different method to measure the criticisms that were launched against him and against the team: text messages.

Speaking to general manager John Lynch at the Niners’ end-of-season conference this Thursday, Shanahan said he received about 200 text messages after San Francisco’s victory over the Green Bay Packers in the Championship Game of the NFC, most of them telling him how great he and the Niners were.

After wasting a 10-point lead against the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth Sunday period, Shanahan had about 200 more messages, most asking him if he was okay, and others telling him that they still believed in him.


After all, Shanahan has no regrets about the way he sent plays and managed the game, and insisted that criticism won’t affect him.

“I don’t feel it is an intense reaction,” Shanahan said. “I’m not on Twitter or anything like that, but I would never do that to myself, anyway. I’ve lost a Super Bowl before and I was part of a major advantage that was lost, so I’m very aware of what happens with it, but I’m not a good liar either, the way you hear me speak is exactly the way I feel, I’m very disappointed by the defeat because it’s so hard to get there.

“Personally I thought we had the best team in the NFL this year. And we weren’t, and we have to deal with that. But I’m sure we believed that and we should have tried it and we couldn’t do it. It’s really good about about sports, what hurts from sports, and what is funny about sports. That’s why I love sports and everyone loves to follow them, because there is a lot of emotion there and when I feel this way and that, I say, everything it makes me feel stronger because it hurts a lot. But I also know how much I can deal with. And if that’s the worst thing that happens, I can’t wait for us to try to come back next year. ”

After the defeat of the Chiefs, much of the blame has been directed at Shanahan and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, which, as Shanahan pointed out, is not unusual given his jobs.

Many of the questions for Shanahan revolve around how he handled the end of the second quarter. After San Francisco linebacker Fred Warner knocked down Damien Williams for a 1-yard gain that led to a quarter and 13 in Kansas City’s 49th yard, Shanahan chose not to burn a time to order with about a minute and a half to play.

Television cameras showed Lynch signaling the time outside from the box from where he was watching the match. Shanahan decided against it while Kansas City ran out the clock until 59 seconds before clearing.

On Thursday, Shanahan insisted he would handle it the same way. His concern was that Kansas City clearance kicker Dustin Colquitt would lock the Niners in yard 1, and then the Chiefs would use their time to ask to score before half.

Colquitt’s clearance was within 5, but Kansas City could not make the big play, delivering the ball to the Niners in the 20th.

From there, Shanahan said he hoped to get a long getaway by land in the first attempt, which would have allowed him to be more aggressive, but at least run out of time. If it had not been for an offensive pass interference against George Kittle that canceled a 42-yard gain, the Niners could still have achieved at least one field goal before halftime.

Anyway, they were able to get into the locker room tied at 10 with the ovoid to start the second half, a result with which Shanahan was happy after what he described as “mistakes” he made mid-season in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks

“I sent a race,” Shanahan said. “I don’t think it’s not aggressive. Sometimes I run in third and 10, and I think we were averaging about 7 yards per carry at that time. I like to run. It also guarantees that the clock will continue to run after that. So in that, I am very confident in what happened there, I would always do it, again and again, especially when you receive the ovoid in the third [cuarto]”.

Cuadno was asked if there were any moves he would like to change from the game, Shanahan said no, although in retrospect he said he would have liked to ask for time outside after the long third-pass attempt for Emmanuel Sanders who fell incompletely, to recover some of energy for the fourth attempt. He chose not to burn it, knowing that if the Niners didn’t get the first chance, they would need all three times outside to try to get another possession.

Shanahan also offered support for Garoppolo, who got a QBR of 5.6 in the fourth period, tying the worst mark for any quarter in the postseason (minimum 10 attempts).

Shanahan said he thinks of Garoppolo as “the day before the Super Bowl,” noting that he thinks his quarterback was on his way to the Most Valuable Super Bowl Player before the final series.

“Jimmy is one of the main reasons we arrived at the Super Bowl,” Shanahan explained. “He overcame a lot. It was the first year in his career fulfilling an entire NFL season, so he still doesn’t have as many starts as Baker Mayfield. He had a great first year truly playing the position, especially coming back from a previous ligament rupture. crossed.

“You must overcome that as a quarterback where your rhythm and everything is not there at the beginning of the year. And for him, being like this and not allowing the pressure to reach him and improving as the year progressed, I think he says a lot about Jimmy and he can’t tell them how much I loved to direct him as a player and as a person this year. ”

Before saying goodbye to the team on Wednesday, they focused on discussing how much progress they had made in 2019, inviting players to share their favorite memories, and a 15-minute scheduled meeting ended up lasting more than an hour.

“I think it’s important and something that we talk about a lot as a team is not just dismissing how special the season we had was and not forgetting it,” Lynch said. “There aren’t many teams that go from four wins to 13 and dominate the NFC in the playoffs to get there. So we believe this team is different and we believe we are capable of doing so.

“We must take over the disappointment, but some of the things that were said, I think this group is very strong in terms of who we are. And I know that [Shanahan]In my mind, he was the best coach in the league this year. That last game, we must accept what happened. Our boys are like that. They’re going to take it, put it on their shoulders, they’re going to take over it and we’re going to move on and we’re going to be better thanks to it. ”