Kylie Jenner Answers Those Who Criticize Her Toes

After receiving hundreds of negative comments, the businesswoman revealed the reason for her ‘issue’

Kylie Jenner She is used to turning on social networks every time she shares her burning photographs with her followers, in which she boasts her spectacular figure; However, now the model was the target of strong criticism because the third toe of its right foot has a deformation.


During a trip to Turks and Caicos with his daughter Stormi and her best friends, the 22-year-old girl posed for a sexy bikini photo, but this time it wasn’t the curves of Kylie the ones that made some fans respond to his post.

“Did anyone notice the length of their fingers?” Wrote an Instagram user, to which Kylie He replied: “Leave my feet alone.”

Far from being silent, the model took the opportunity to respond to the comments and shared the reasons why her fingers look like this.

“Let’s see, everyone has to calm down with the matter of my fucking fingers. And to make it clear, I have adorable feet,” he said. “I broke my middle finger at school and you can do little with a broken finger, so it had to heal as I wanted it to heal,” he added in his stories of Instagram.

“When I flex up, this young man goes out of place,” he explained as he made a move with his feet for everyone to see. “This video is really weird,” you hear it told Jenner After giving the explanation.

Nevertheless, Kylie He preferred to leave the subject of his feet behind and shared a series of bikini photographs, in which he made it clear that he has other parts of his anatomy that are worthy of appreciation.