Kylie Jenner Sends The Sweetest Message That Can Be Dedicated To a Good Ex

The celebrity has dedicated a message on Instagram to his ex and father of his only daughter, Travis Scott, on the occasion of his 28th birthday that has managed to thrill even her

Rapper Travis Scott He has reappeared in style on his ex’s Instagram account Kylie Jenner on the occasion of her 28th birthday this Thursday, which she has not wanted to miss without dedicating a very loving publication to her.


“Congratulations to Dad of the Year”, the businesswoman wished him with a selection of photos in which he appears almost always accompanied by little Stormi, the only daughter they have in common, playing or riding a bicycle.

“Little by little I have come to accept that Stormi is undeniably a daddy’s girl, but it doesn’t matter. Between the two of us we created something incredible. The most precious, fun, smart and loving girl in the world. The best of gifts.”

The celebrity herself has acknowledged that she was moved while writing that dedication, which she closed with a few words that show that between her and Travis there is an excellent relationship that, according to rumors, would leave the door open even to a possible reconciliation in the future.

“Okay, I’m already crying. I love you forever!”, He added to say goodbye.

Among the photos that Kylie chose to commemorate such a special day stands out a one taken in the hospital shortly after her little girl came into the world after a pregnancy that she managed to keep secret. In the image she appears lying on the bed with Stormi in her arms while Travis, standing next to him, gazes at them enraptured.