La Vega Won The Derby In Today’s Game LDF

After failing to win in the last six games, Atlético Vega Real returned to victory after defeating Jarabacoa FC with two goals.

There are two sides to the match, for the first time the team from the mountains dominated, but inefficient in the finish zone.

The tie was the result of a match between 11th place San Cristobal FC and Mocha FC in a match at Pan American Stadium. (PRESS / LDF)


Already in a complementary stage, La Vega entered the match, with Colombia’s Fabricio Moreno’s goal appearing in the 47th part of the game. Then, just 60 minutes later, Reivin de la Rosa shot from the midrange and scored the second decisive goal.

On the other hand, at Pan American Stadium, the balance of San Cristobal was new. At that time, there was an equality with the Mocano team. It is the fourth game in which teams from the birthplace of soccer have become equal in a row.

The goal of the game was the work of Argentine Gustavo Ascona for Mocanos and Clefer Marte discounted for the locals.

Delphines del Este will face Cibao FC at Parque Del Este at 4 pm on Sunday, June 19th. (Press / Estand Rufin)

This Sunday, June 19th, the action will continue in two games. At Parque del Este, Cibao FC will visit Delphines at 4 pm and the Atletico Pantha Club and O & M in the capital Derby will conclude the day at 6 pm.

Dolphins led by Javier Molinari of Argentina occupy the last position. Logiblancos has three points and is the result of three draws with O & M, Mocha FC and San Cristobal FC.

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