” La Voz … México ” Delays Its Release Due To Coronavirus

In the 2020 edition, which does not yet have a new release date, will participate as coaches Belinda, Ricardo Montaner, María José and Christian Nodal

The 2020 edition of the reality musical Mexico’s voice It will no longer be released on March 30 as scheduled and its new release date is still unknown, producers TV Azteca and Acun Medya said in a statement.


In the text that was distributed to the different media, it is clarified that the decision to postpone the premiere was made “being responsible for the current situation we are experiencing in Mexico.”

The statement also made sure that Belinda, Ricardo Montaner, Maria Jose Y Christian Nodal They will continue to be the coaches of this new broadcast, as announced a few days ago.

The voice, the world’s most famous singing reality show, produced in Mexico by Acun Medya Y Aztec TV, announced this morning that the premiere of the new season will be postponed until the situation in the country stabilizes.

“It is a decision that promotes the responsibility and care of all the members of a great team of collaborators that includes production staff, more than 500 participants and of course, the four coaches Ricardo Montaner , Belinda, María José and Christian Nodal ”, is assured in the statement.

According to what was said, it will be in the next few days when TV Azteca will announce the new release date, in addition to reporting some changes that will be in the programming of the Azteca Uno channel now that a large part of the population remains at home to avoid further infections by covid-2019.

Another of the measures taken by the company was to quarantine the drivers who owned the morning Come joy after Patrick Borghetti He confirmed through Instagram that he tested positive for the coronavirus.