Lady Gaga Sends a Message To Those Who Spent Valentine’s Day Without a Partner

Although the singer lives a moment of happiness and romance, this February 14 shared an inspiring message for singles.

Even if Lady Gaga Live a happy moment with your new boyfriend, the businessman Michael Polanski, with whom he probably had a romantic Valentine’s Day; However, the pop performer decided to send a message to all singles who do not have a romantic partner to celebrate a day dedicated to love.


On numerous occasions, Lady Gaga He mentioned the importance of self-love, and of course, that this February 14 the singer shared an inspiring message on her Instagram account with which she points out the true meaning of love.

“So, since today we all celebrate love. I put this ring on my own finger as a sign of love for myself and my fans; and also, as a reminder that we were all born superstars,” he wrote Lady Gaga next to a photograph in which he poses with a huge ring.

“Did you know that there is an old tradition that says that only during a leap year, in which February is 29 days old, women have permission to ask men to marry? We are in 2020 and I say that anyone of any gender can propose to whoever, at any time, “he wrote Lady Gaga On Instagram.