Lambda García Clarifies If Sherlyn Asked Her To Be Her Son’s Father

In an interview Lambda García confirms that Sherlyn asked him to be the father of his son; a day later and before another media assures that he did not mean that

The afternoon of February 20 the program Selling broadcast an interview with the actor Lambda Garcia, who assured that Sherlyn , one of her best friends, proposed to be the father of her son.


However, the model also rejected the proposal, as this would imply that he also had to commit the baby to one hundred percent, which Lambda He was not looking at that moment in his life.

“He said: ye Hey, my love, we are going to make a pact’ and I said no. For me it would be very difficult, it is complicated being a friend, to give the seed because, after all, you cannot get 100% off, so if I want to have a child I would have it, but it is complicated, ”the actor acknowledged Selling.

Despite its refusal, Sherlyn He understood his motives. “He said:” Oh love, please, our children would be very nice, “and I said:” Yes, obviously, but no, it’s complicated. ” I think she has the advantage that she is a super intelligent woman, with spectacular strength and knows things very well and I think she is doing very well, ”he added.

But one day after these statements were transmitted Lambda Garcia assured in another program (this time in Today and in front of Sherlyn) that his words were taken out of context and he did not say that, that by the way, as you can see, it was recorded.

“I want to take advantage of here that is my beautiful Sherlyn , that I love and adore. I would like to grab this space to ask you and offer you an apology baby, because an interview was done and something that I said between joke and joke was taken out of context, because I love you and because you know that my sense of humor is always like that, ”he said Lambda Garcia.

“It’s something that was completely taken out of context, I just want people to know that it was obviously a mistake to have talked about more and in a way that could damage your image, our image as friends, so I wanted to offer you an apology for that. he said, ”concluded the actor.