Last Democratic Debate Before The US Primary: The Formula To Beat Donald Trump Divides The Candidates

Just three weeks after the start of the US primary, the Democratic candidates showed their differences on the best formula to beat Donald Trump: break or reform, healing for all or not, leaving the Middle East or turning Washington back into The policeman of the world.

The two most progressive, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, promised that they will take a radical turn to the country upon arrival at the White House; while former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg were more moderate.

Anyone's won. Klobuchar, below in the polls, shone and claimed his place on stage, while Biden, at the head, was locked several times and was unable to shine, repeating the mistakes he had already made in the previous six debates.


The debate was based on Iowa, a rural Midwestern state that will kick off the primary process on February 3.

Iowa, like the rest of the US Democrats, remains undecided on what is the best strategy to beat Trump. Biden leads the polls in that state with 20.7% of the intention to vote, closely followed by Sanders (20.3%), Buttigieg (18.7%), and Warren (16%).

"I come here tonight with a heart full of hope," Warren announced. “And it is full of hope because I see this as our moment in history, our moment in which no one is left behind, our moment in which we understand that it is up to us to decide the future of this country, our moment to build a movement and create a real change, ”he proclaimed ceremoniously.

In a rougher tone, Sanders asked to think "in a big way" and insisted on the differences between the richest 1% of the US and the remaining 99%, who struggle to gain access to medical care.

Faced with these ideas of change, Biden advocated "restoring the soul of the US" and turning back the clock to return the US to the same place it was before Trump.

“We lead the world by example, not with power. We have to regain the respect of the world to change things, ”said Biden with a serious gesture.

And while Buttigieg, who has suffered a downturn in polls in Iowa, took advantage of his latest intervention to appeal to Republicans disappointed with Trump.

“If you used to vote for the other party but now you can't look your son in the eye and explain this president, join me,” he invited smiling.

However, differences between the two sides (progressive and moderate) also emerged. One of the most anticipated moments of the night came face to face between the two most progressive candidates, Sanders and Warren, who had so far maintained a truce so as not to attack each other in the debates.

That pact came to an end this week following some newspaper articles that revealed that, at a private meeting in 2018, Sanders allegedly told Warren that a woman could not beat Trump, who is eligible for reelection.

This Tuesday, as he had done before, Sanders said the event did not take place, while Warren reiterated that it happened, although he tried to downplay it.

"Bernie is my friend, I'm not here to fight Bernie," Warren tried to reconcile. But then he struck another blow: he said that the four men on the stage had lost a total of ten elections, while she and Senator Amy Klobuchar had always won.

"On this stage, the only ones who have won each election are women," he presumed.

It seemed that, with that exchange, the confrontation between the two candidates was over, but at the end of the debate there was a sour gesture that fueled the confusion.

Specifically, at the end of the debate, Sanders held out his hand to Warren and she, without shaking it, approached him to talk for a few seconds. Immediately, without the public being able to hear what was happening, Sanders turned around and left visibly irritated.

In the middle of this exchange, whose content is unknown, Tom Steyer, the sixth aspirant on stage and who is known for being a millionaire who has spent tens of millions of dollars on television commercials to silence a political trial, was silent against Trump.

For his part, before the debate began, the president gave a 90-minute speech at a university in Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin, which will be key to the November elections.

"Bernie and the radical left can't protect their family and they won't protect our country, they don't want to," Trump said, amid cheers.

Trump outlined himself in 2016 as the "law and order" candidate and managed to beat Hillary Clinton.

By Beatriz Pascual Macías / EFE



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