Last Minute Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

You still have time to get a detail for Valentine.
                                                    Angela Lang / CNET
                                                Although Valentine is just around the corner, you still have time to get the perfect surprise for your partner. Here are a couple of ideas, be it a classic detail like flowers or chocolates, or a slightly more unusual gift as an outdoor experience. Discount Gifts If you live in the United States, Groupon offers up to 50 percent off on various experiences for this Valentine’s Day, such as dinners, escape rooms, wine and chocolate tastings, helicopter trips and more. For its part, Peixe (formerly Groupon Mexico) also offers several discounts on romantic dinners and evenings, outdoor experiences, spas and more. Send flowers and other details Not for nothing flowers are a classic on Valentine’s Day, and it is best that there are now several websites that allow you to make the purchase and shipment from your cell phone. In addition, these sites also have other gift options, such as boxes with sweets, wines, beers and stuffed animals. Give experiences Airbnb is more than a hosting application as it also offers you culinary, sports, cultural experiences in your area or in other countries. For example, Airbnb Adventure offers trips in small groups, between 2 and 10 days, while Airbnb Experiences gives you options of local experiences, such as cooking classes, wine tastings, walks, quick photography courses, and in the case of Mexico, there are options that include a wrestling and soccer stadium tour. Clarification: CNET could receive a percentage of the sales generated by the products we present here. However, the editorial criteria of CNET in Spanish is totally independent of these offers and promotions.

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