Last Minute! MLB And Players Discuss Restarting Season In Arizona Without Fans

According to the AP news agency, the MLB office and the players’ union are seriously discussing the possibility of restarting the season with all games in the Arizona area.

The games, according to the same source, would be behind closed doors and without fans.

These ideas, which we have already discussed before, have been discussed in depth today in a call that Manfred and the leader of the MLB players union held.


According to the same medium, the proposal is at a very early point in its discussions and has support and detractors on both sides.

Among the pros of the proposal, would be that Arizona concentrates in less than 50 miles 10 spring training fields plus the D-Backs stadium.

In addition to being a closed stadium, it could host 3 games a day continuously, according to the most optimistic.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčisolating the players in one place and playing without fans, would allow a restart in June, without problems and would guarantee the safety of players and fans, according to its defenders.

But among the cons, there is the isolation to which the players would be subjected, quartered away from their homes and families and the high possibility of contamination or contagion that leads to the cancellation of the MLB permanently.

Just as the running of the bulls makes contagion more difficult, if a player becomes ill a chain reaction would be almost impossible to stop.

What do you say?

The return of baseball, according to several analysts, would give a feeling of a return to normality and calm throughout the United States, but doing so at the cost of the stress and confinement of its players seems a cruel and unnecessary measure.

Or do you see this plan as viable?



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