Last Minute Of The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine, Live

11:54 a.m.

Russia says it has destroyed tanks and armored vehicles from Europe in kyiv


Russia has claimed that it destroyed with long-range, high-precision missiles outside kyiv tanks and other armored vehicles supplied by Eastern European countries to Ukraine that were allegedly in a car repair company.

“The long-range, high-precision air-launched missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles supplied by Eastern European countries that were located in the buildings of a car repair company,” he noted. the Russian Defense Ministry.

The mayor of kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, said on his Telegram account that there had been several explosions this morning in the Darnytskyi and Dniprovskyi districts of the capital and that at the moment there are victims, although one person was hospitalized.

Report EFE.

11:38 a.m.

Ukrainian forces have struck back in Severodonetsk, according to British intelligence

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense indicates in its latest intelligence report that, in the last 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have counterattacked in the city of Severodonetsk, one of the focuses of combat at the moment. In these confrontations, Moscow has mobilized soldiers from the self-proclaimed republic of Lugansk, troops that according to British intelligence do not have the same equipment or the same training as the Russians. This decision may be aimed at limiting the number of casualties among Putin’s forces, the update notes.

11:01 a.m.

Putin warns that Russia will attack new targets if Ukraine receives long-range missiles

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that the Russian Armed Forces will attack new targets if the West supplies Ukraine with long-range missiles.

“If they do supply them, we will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our weapons, which we do not lack, to attack those targets that we have not hit so far,” he said in an interview on Russian public television.

Putin has made this warning after the White House officially announced a new military aid package to Ukraine worth 700 million dollars, which includes multiple launchers of HIMARS missiles with a range of up to 70 kilometers.

The US made this decision after the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, promised not to use them against Russian territory.

Report EFE

10:41 a.m.

At least 262 children have died since the start of the war, according to the Ukrainian Parliament

According to the count carried out by the Ukrainian Parliament, until this Sunday morning, at least 262 children have died and 467 have been injured as a result of the war, the Guardian collects. These figures, insists the parliament, are still not definitive.

The number is likely to be significantly higher. In areas of Ukraine occupied or under Russian attack, local authorities have said it is impossible to remove bodies from the street or count the number of dead or wounded citizens.

The parliament has also said that 1,938 schools or educational facilities have been damaged by shelling and 182 have been completely destroyed.

10:13 a.m.

Several explosions shake kyiv after more than a month

The mayor of kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, reported this Sunday that several explosions have shaken the capital. “Several explosions [se han producido] in the Darnytskyi and Dniprovskyi districts of the capital”, the councilor has written via Telegram. “The emergency services work on the spot,” he said at first. In a later update he has pointed out that, at the moment, there are no fatalities.

A witness quoted by Reuters has reported that he saw smoke in the city after the explosions.

This attack on the capital has come after a period of relative calm in the city, after Moscow confirmed that it was going to direct the next phase of the offensive to the east and south.

At the beginning of the war, kyiv had been the target of heavy attacks, but later the Russian offensive had concentrated on the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which has been interpreted as a revision of the invasion’s goals.

Initially, according to analysts, Vladimir Putin’s goal was to reach kyiv, in a quick war, and impose a puppet government. In the face of Ukrainian resistance, actions were concentrated in the east of the country and it is believed that the objective is total control of Lugansk and Donetsk.



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