Last Minute! Players Will Vote MLB Comeback Today 🗳

According to multiple MLB sources, the Major League Players Association will have a virtual meeting today to vote for or against the return of baseball.

There are two options on the table:

Approve the owners’ latest proposal with 60 games at 100% prorated wages and extended playoffs, but giving up their right to sue for possible job failure.
Approve that Manfred enforces the 50-game season, the same with 100% prorated wages but no extended playoffs and retaining his right to sue


According to rumors, the MLB players had decided to postpone the vote after the total closure of the spring training facilities after several positives were recorded between players and staff.

In theory, the players wanted more information about the measures that Major Leagues and franchises will implement to prevent coronavirus infections. But, after realizing that collecting that info would take several days (if not weeks), they decided to vote on Sunday, June 21.

And whatever the coronavirus is, the big problem to overcome and the reason for this pause, it will still be there putting any plan in danger.



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