Laura Borràs, Disguised As Donald Trump

02/18/2021 05:00

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Along the lines of the famous ‘apreteu’ of Torra, Laura Borràs, her replacement in the position of a doll operated by remote control from Waterloo, spoke out on Tuesday night. During the acts of vandalism caused by the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél in several cities of Catalonia, in which a police station of the Mossos d’Esquadra in Vic burst, one of the vandals used an electoral poster of Junts as a shield against the balls of rubber that was diligently distributing the forces of order, commanded by Junts.


Someone took a photo of the heroic moment, uploaded it to Twitter and another uncle tagged the pro-independence spokesperson with the words “Laura Borràs semper nostra.” The interested party, in theory head of the party of the ‘minister’ Miquel Sàmper, the man who orders the Mossos to shoot those same rubber balls and accompany Hasél to the trullo, thought that this was not a golden opportunity to be silent and replied: ” Semper # LibertadPabloHasél ”.

Violent altercations in the protest rally for Hasél in Lleida

I am going to repeat this, partly so that you understand it and partly to try to understand it myself: the candidate for the presidency of the Junts, that party led from Belgium that is still today in charge of the Department of the Interior of the Generalitat of Catalonia, celebrates that they use their face as a shield against the rubber balls that the Mossos shoot, that is, that they shoot themselves. And he also says that he is with the vandals, who have set fire to containers and blown up a Mossos police station in Vic. Ahem. I am not responsible if you have had a stroke reading this. Welcome to Catalonia.

In vain I look for tweets from Miquel Sàmper condemning the destruction of the SUS Mossos d’Esquadra police station or the destruction in several cities, including the looting of a Vuitton store (so liked by Laura Borràs), but I can’t find a trembling little word where you ask a little please to your good puppies. The ‘conseller’ simply does not exist while idealistic young people destroy police stations and vandalize streets. There are their ‘mossos’. And his balls. Rubber and the others.

The riots of supporters of Pablo Hasél set the post 14-FAntonio Fernández on fire. Barcelona

Thousands of people mobilized to demand the rapper’s freedom: in Barcelona, ​​there were two calls, with several thousand protesters. After the first bars, the violent ones appeared on the scene

In what other country in the world does the head of law enforcement keep quiet while chaos breaks out and the party’s top official cheers on the vandals? It sounds to me that recently we could see something similar in the United States, where former ‘honorable president’ Trump has also shown his fondness for turning the trials against him into scenarios conducive to the cult of personality. Messiah of nationalist populism, they call them.

Laura Borràs is accused of corruption and it is possible that she will soon need those idealists for the spectacle that usually accompanies the prosecution and conviction of the leaders of the ‘poble’. I understand that there is a personal calculation, but since Borràs does not tweet without Puigdemont sliding his fingers across the touch screen, we have to think that behind the support of the lady for the destructive acts of Tuesday there is a broader strategy.

From the outset, Junts is using the sentence against Pablo Hasél as a battering ram against the credibility of the Spanish Justice (waiter: the usual), but he is also positioning himself in that territory that is pleasant to the ears of the CUP where ‘els carrers are semper nostres’ and that’s why we have permission to set them on fire. To the CUP, it goes without saying, Junts needs it like May water. It is the anti-capitalists who are holding the key to the next ‘independent’ government. And they make the key ring ring very cute.

Interior calls for an end to violence due to Hasél’s imprisonment while Catalonia counts the damages

I already warned in 2017 that this is a quantum republic where things are and are not at the same time, the cat is dead and alive, and at all masses there are people ringing. If the girls go out to burst a police station, they are allowed while they are repressed and at the same time they are offered moral support with a tweet. In this vein, Daniel Gascón wrote a wonderful book where he labeled these follies as postmodern coups, and the concept has only gained currency and depth as the letterhead nuts and the years have passed.

A Basque friend told me something long ago that I have not forgotten: the only reason why the Basque Country did not go to hell like Catalonia is that, after the Ibarretxe Plan, the PNV’s nationalist right-wing knew how to back down and stayed away from radical demonstrations and the orbit of Bildu. Quite the opposite of what happened in Catalonia, where the forward race of Artur Mas fleeing the 3% destroyed not only his party, but the political terrain of moderation where he had grown up and raised his corruption at ease.

Junts, the hyperventilated son of that coitus between the right and the anti-establishment, knows very well that the conservative nationalist electorate, once known as the ‘seny’, has completely disappeared from the face of the earth, as the results obtained by the PDeCAT. The moderation that the remnants of Pujol’s party sold has not interested anyone, and Puigdemont knows this very well. So we are going to have uncomplexed nationalist populism until we are fed up in Catalonia. The polls have given them carte blanche, and that kind of impunity does not take away even a judicial sentence, as they well know in the PP.

PS: When this article is shipped, night falls and containers burn in several cities in the rest of Spain. Pablo Echenique opens his Twitter and places his populism on the same level as Borràs’. Like her, he encourages the hordes from the armchair attached to the government. Will we end up accustomed to our politicians promoting riots against the very state they claim to represent? And if we get used to it, who will stop them? I think the challenge is precisely this: to resist the normalization of populist demagogy. As long as this pyromania scandalizes us, we are still safe.



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